Maia pt3

“These recruits are worthless Dominus!” Doctore said, “none but a few will make it to the final test.”

“I am aware of that. Those you assess today as worthless will serve as death in the arena. The rest will try at becoming gladiators or die in the attempt.”


I am Quintus Nonus Claudius. Welcome to my ludus. Here you will learn to be gladiators or die in the arena to the cheer of the crowd. Train hard, obey orders, fight well and you may yet earn glory as titans among men.” The tiny man said.

Maia sighed her fate was sealed, because she would do anything, kill anyone for Gaea and it would not be long till Claudius found out and used it against her.

“I am Doctore. Pair off so I can assess your skill. Fail and you become gladiator practice, succeed and I will make you titans.”

Maia saw the look on the face of the Illyrian and pulled Gaea away from the others and handed her the practice sword.

Begin!” Doctore yelled.

He walked slowly around the sparing slaves pulling individuals out as he deemed them unable to cope. There were three males that caught his eye, they would make excellent gladiators.

Among the women there were but two who peeked his interest. One was an Illyrian who fought with a tenacity that bordered on cruelty, the other an Amazon whose blade was rivaled only by her beauty. At first he did not notice her as she seemed to be flailing around with her sparring partner. But when he was walking toward them to pull them both out he soon realized that the Amazon was purposely fighting badly so her partner would look better, he saw it then, the look in the Amazon’s eyes as she looked at the young Dacian, she was protecting her both from death and from whoring. He smiled to himself; she would be a champion among champions because he knew she would win no matter the enemy in order to keep her little Dacian safe.



poetry post…

Sweat, beading upon my brow
A sigh escapes your lips
Skin, glowing in the afternoon sun
A moan rises with the movement of your hips

Sweat, glistening upon your body
Kisses placed reverently upon your lips
Skin, rubbing gloriously upon bare skin
Your teeth against my ear

Sweat, making us slick with euphoria
Teeth nip at skin so tender
Skin, pressed together in a passionate dance
Fingers caressing in an upward journey

Sweat, soaking sheets
Nails dug into stained flesh
Skin, sensitive to the touch
A silent scream echoes as you find ecstasy in my arms

Maia cont.

Fan Fiction based in Dark Hunters universe.
“I want the whole lot,” lanista Claudius said, “if they make the cut great if not we have volunteers to die at the next arena.”
Maia watched as the tiny man walked off, his guard paid the slavers and signaled for another slave to take them away. The tiny man stopped at the next slavers cart to buy more slaves and Maia turned herself to more pressing needs. She looked over at her, so beautiful and so innocent.
Noticing Maia’s stare she whispered, “my name is Gaea.”
“Gaea, a name most befitting one of such exquisite beauty, Maia said, I am Maia, listen, where they take us you must fight, die or whore. I cannot bear the thought of you doing any of these things, so you must grant me the honor of helping you. I yet have no clue what I shall do but I will do something.”
“Why would you do such a thing for me? Why did you join me in slavery? I know you are a free woman, I am but a slave, born to it by a slave mother I have no worth.”
“You have great worth Gaea, and no matter how things turn out you must never forget that. I help you because the moment I saw you my heart fled my chest to be with you. Without you my world would be meaningless and dark.”
The tears rolled down her cheeks as she whispered, “I would that you had not loved my then you would be free.”
“I would help you whether you want me to or not Gaea, I just thought to say in words what I know you have seen over the last months in my eyes,” Maia said, “when we arrive they will test us to see who will fight and who will whore… stay next to me and I will make sure you stay with the fighting group.”
“You honor me, but I have yet held a sword in my hands.”
“Worry not over that, just grab the hilt and tight as you can and follow my lead. I will not fail you.”


Fan fiction based in the Dark Hunter universe.

She had known her for years, had watched her from afar, longing for her. Then a few months ago they shared a moment in the market place. Since then Maia knew that the feelings were mutual. But still Maia longed, because she was a slave and her master would never sell her, not to Maia who could never procure enough coin for someone as beautiful as her. Yet she visited her village every week just to see her, to share that beautiful moment across the market, until it all went to shit.

As Maia was walking up to the village market she saw it. The chains and the sign. Her master had sold her. Maia’s heart stopped knowing that no one in this village would have the coin to purchase her, they would thus take her to somewhere they could fetch good coin for her beauty. She would be lost to her forever. Maia could feel her heart breaking as she saw them loading her into the slave wagon, and the pain only intensified as she saw the tears flowing down her face. She looked up and saw Maia across the market and Maia could see in her eyes the fear that gripped her.

Without thought of the consequences Maia followed them out of the village and attacked them, freedom for her or slavery with her, those were the options Maia saw. In the end their guards were too numerous and Maia submitted and was thrown into the slave wagon. She would do whatever it took to stay with her, to keep her safe. As Maia sat next to her, she looked into Maia’s eyes and wept for the tragedy that had befallen them both.


The slavers had finally arrived at their destination. Maia knew that they were in Rome, the language, the smell, the crowds. All of which she had fought hard to escape and yet here she was again. Maia hung her head as the agony of this development washed over her. Their arrival in Rome and the slaves that were in the wagon’s various cages meant one thing, the arena. The bloody whore that Rome suckled upon was to become her life, or end it. Maia knew that only two options were available where they would be going, gladiatrix or whore, neither of which she would survive, Maia needed a plan.


Kneeling silently before furrowed brow,

Apprehension mixes with anticipation,

You continue to kowtow,

Hoping that she is both harsh and lenient.


Your actions were done purposefully,

Knowing what repercussions would follow,

Yet this knowledge only filled you with the fearful glee,

That enflames you even as you submit to her.


The calm anger in her eyes,

Fills you with a strange pleasure,

You clench at the paddle your eye spies,

Knowing all to well how sweetly it falls.


Your arms bound, your knees spread wide,

Head pressed against the cool tile,

You breathe deep and try hard to hide,

The fact of your need for this.


The first blow falls and moan escapes parted lips,

Heat spreads and you feel like the pleasure from the pain,

Another falls and you can barely control the bucking of your hips,

Every sense attuned to the calling of the smooth wooden paddle.


Through the falling of each blow she remains calm,

Never allowing anger to enter her mind,

Each blow even and with a steady arm,

Her rules laid down on your reddening cheeks.


Breathing comes short and gasping,

As your body yearns for something only she can give,

But the paddle sold its glorious whistling,

And you are left short of heaven once again



I Remember

I could still remember the day you told me the news. I was so happy, not just because of the bundle of joy that would soon be a part of our lives, but also because I knew that you had wanted this for so long. I could still remember the look of pure jubilation on your face as you flew into my arms and told me the news. I remember the sound of the laughter that bubbled out of you as I swung you around in my arms sharing in your joy. I remember the tears that formed little pathways down your cheeks and their saltiness as I kissed them away. I remember the light that shone in your honey eyes as we sat entwined and talked of baby toys and names.

I could still remember holding you in my arms as you threw up everything that I tried to get you to eat. I remember how you laughed at my frustrated sighs when nothing I did made your morning sickness go away. I remember wiping your mouth gently and kissing your forehead as you straddled the toilet bowl. I remember the tears that rolled down my cheeks as I tried to make things better and could do nothing but watch. I remember your eyes staring into my soul as you told me that I was doing just great and that you were happy.

I could still remember the way we laughed at each other for being afraid to tell our parents. I remember the laughter and the challenge in your eyes as you all but dared me to call my mother and tell her. I remember the look of shock on your face as I picked up the phone and called her. And I remember laughing as I heard my mother drop the phone at the news, and at the screams that followed. I remember the sigh of relief in your mother’s voice as I told her the news because you were to scared, and conveniently too sick, to tell her your self. I remember the promises I had to make to your mother in order to get her not to fly up immediately just to make sure you were okay. I remember the tears in her voice as I told her that I would take care of you and her grandchild no matter what.

I remember the glow that seemed to come from you as the baby grew within you. I remember the laughter in your eyes as you looked at me watching you eat the weirdest food combinations, and I remember laughing at you when you actually sat and thought about it afterwards. I remember sitting and holding you as you rested, I remember reading to you and just enjoying the feel of being nestled in such love.

I remember the happiness that crept into your eyes as you found out that you would be having a girl. I remember holding your hand as we looked at her on the screen. I remember the first time I saw her. So small and fragile I remember thinking that I would die before letting anything happen to her. I remember listening to her heartbeat, the steady thumping of a strong and loving heart.

I remember going shopping for the baby. I remember spending all day in numerous stores and the hour I spent unpacking the car that night. I remember swearing as I tried to assemble the baby’s crib. I remember laughing and teasing as we painted the nursery. I remember the smile on your face as I came home one evening with a small brown teddy bear under my arm and telling you that I just had to get it for her. I remember the tenderness of the kiss we shared at that moment, and I remember you telling me that I was going to be a great mother.

I remember the tears you cried the day I told you I was being shipped to china for 6 months. I remember the letters that graced my bunk every night as I got back from patrol. I remember the tears that wet my pillow as I read each one over and over again. I remember watching her grow through those silly little printouts of the ultrasound, and thinking that I was the luckiest woman I the world. I remember the hurried phone calls every moment I got just to hear your voice and the sense of peace and warmth they would give me. I remember the butterflies that filled my stomach the day I got on the plane home to you.

I remember sleeping with my arm over your ever growing belly and the way you said it made you feel safer and that you were sure that she could feel the love I had for her through my touch. I remember feeling her kick and laughing as I told you that she was going to make a great rugby player. I remember the swift tap you gave me and told me that she would not be a rugby player cause your heart couldn’t handle the worry of her on the rugby field and me out fighting some ridiculous war. I remember kissing you and soothing away the worry lines that had suddenly appeared.

I remember the moment she decided she was ready to grace the world with her presence. I remember rushing you to the hospital. I remember getting you there only to remember I had forgotten the worried grandmothers at home. I remember whispering to her that she had to wait just a little more so I could be there when she made her grand entrance. I remember rushing back to the hospital and finding you waiting for me. I remember wishing I could take the pain for you as you squeezed my hand in pain. I remember the first sound of her voice as she screamed her presence in this world. I remember smiling and kissing your forehead as they laid her in your arms.

I remember holding her for the first time. I remember the smile she gave me as I held her and I remember knowing from that moment that I would never be able to deny her anything just as I could never deny you. I remember counting her fingers and toes and marveling at their perfection. I remember holding you as you fed her and feeling that perfect moment of family and love that we all search for.

I remember the day we brought her home. I remember standing in the nursery and languishing in the feeling of home that having you and her there gave me. I remember the first time I changed her diaper. I remember how you laughed at me as I screwed my nose at the smell. I remember the awe I felt as I bathed her. I remember watching her sleep.

I remember the first night I had the dream. I remember waking with a start covered in sweat. I remember the racing of my heart as I struggled to get over the horror of the dream. I remember you holding me and rocking me back to sleep after the dream. I remember the tears as they trailed down my cheeks unchecked. I remember the warmth of your arms.

I remember the smile you gave me when I told you about the dream. I remember the tenderness of the kiss as you soothed me and told me not to let it worry me because it was just a dream. I remember the way you were able to chase away all the lingering fears that the dream had left. Replacing them with love and tenderness.

I remember when the dream returned. I remember screaming and waking crying. I remember you holding me and whispering to me. I remember the sound of my breath as I struggled to get air into my lungs. I remember that the dream never stopped after that. I remember waking every night crying. I remember running to the nursery in a panic if I woke and you weren’t there. I remember sitting up just watching her sleep after the dream.

I remember the day I had to leave again. I remember you telling me not to worry because my mother would be here with you. I remember feeling so helpless as I walked away bound for the desert. I remember that the dream followed me to the desert. I remember waking struggling for air in the Sahara. I remember my CO giving me my new orders. I remember pulling the trigger. I remember watching him die. I remember the cool refreshing feeling of the water on my body as I tried to get the sand off my body.

I remember the day the news came. I remember my CO telling me the news. I remember the sound of my heart breaking as the words cut through me. I remember wanting to scream. I remember the feel of the tears as they burned down my sun burnt cheeks. I remember the pained look on my CO’s face. I don’t remember screaming. I only remember the pain I felt as I collapsed in tears.

I remember sitting at your bedside watching you struggle to breathe. I remember the peace I your eyes when you saw me there. I remember the tears that filled me up when you said those words to me for the last time. I remember crying as you made me promise to take care of her. I remember watching you take your last breath. I remember the wall of anger that formed around my heart. I remember staring at the photos of what they had done and I remember feeling the anger filling up the whole in my heart, the whole where you used to me. I remember every cut and every wound.

I remember demanding permission to go after her. I remember telling my CO that no one else would be able to find her like I could, I remember telling him I had to do this. I remember telling him that this was my duty to you. I remember his sigh as he grudgingly gave me the go ahead. I remember the look of fear in the eyes of the men I led into the desert. I remember recognizing that their fear was not of the enemy but of me. I remember creeping into that desert fortress.

I remember looking into his eyes and feeling the rage building within me. I remembered every wound, I remembered watching you breathe that last unsteady breath. I remembered that he was responsible for you no longer being there. I remember the hate I felt. I remember wanting him to hurt the way you had. Then he remembered his voice. I remember hearing him say he would give her to me if I spared his life. I remember it as if I had been listening through a fog. I remember nearly not listening till he said it again. I remember following him as he took us through the night to where he has sold her. I remember praying that she was ok, for his sake and for the sake of my soul.

I remember holding her in my arms again. I remember feeling the rage disappear as she looked up at me with her trusting eyes. I remember the anger that had sustained me falling away and I remember crying. I remember holding her to me as if she would break and feeling the steady calmness of her breathing. I remember counting her fingers and her toes as I had done the first moment I held her. And I remember promising you again that I would take care of her forever.

I remember watching them lower you into the ground. I remember falling to the ground next to your grave and crying for the loss of you. I remember the steady hands of my brother and my best friend lifting me off the ground and walking me to the car. I remember the multitude of faces that appeared and disappeared around me. I remember the warmth of food that my mother forced me to eat. I remember the torment of knowing you would never be there again. I remember feeling lost and alone. Then I remember the love she showed in her eyes. I remember the peace that crept into my heart as I held her. And remember the feeling growing every time I held her.

I remember the day the dreams stopped. I remember waking to the sound of her and the gurgling of her laugher as I fed her that morning and I remember realizing that I had not woken in tears. I remember the day the pain stopped and the day her love gave me back my life. I remember the day I saw you in her eyes and I remember the day she patched up my heart. I remember all these things as I hold her in my arms. And I know that you are never far from me, because I can see you in her. I remember your love and I shower her with all the love I held in my heart for you as well as the love I hold for her. I remember your smile every time I see her smile.

We visit you often and I remember the way your laughter would have made life better. I talk to her every night as I put her to bed. I tell her about you and about how much you love her. I know she may not understand yet, but I know she’ll remember, because I know I will remember.

A Beginning…

My brain works in mysterious ways, always has, and most days music is the only thing that quiets the noise of all the many characters and stories that are fighting to get out. It has been a few years since I put ‘pen to paper’ so to speak and let one of these crazy characters run rampant upon my keyboard. And as I sat there letting them take over the screen I wondered why I bothered since no one would ever meet them.

A blog… that was the answer that popped into my mind. Why not let the world meet them through a blog. So welcome one and all to the show. Feel free to let me know which of my guests you liked the most, whom you would love to hear more from and which of them made you happy.


Please note that while all the characters you meet are figments of my imagination, some of the stories they are set in may be fan fiction and I do not own or claim rights to those fantasy worlds that my characters may walk in.


Happy journeys.